The beginning

Ευάμπελος Γη

Once upon a time, five friends, curious guys with creative and restless spirit bound not only by their land of origin, but also from a strong vision and their love for good life and good wine, decided to combine their aptitudes and their goals with only intention and desire the creation of a wine selection made of the finest wines, promoting this way not only the native richness but also the principles of complexity, flavor and balance that regulate a great wine.

So, in 2000 started the Estate Evampelos Ghi. Its appellation is not accidental. The unique terroir of the Estate Evampelos Ghi turns the wine vision into a splendid savory reality.

Our intention is the promotion of the native richness through the excellent raw material and the wine production from Greek and international grape varieties as they are transmuted thanks to the generous Estate terroir.