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Our Philosophy is the main principle of every successful venture, compromise tradition with modern technology, achieving this way the best out of both and creating a collective framework of harmonic clashes, that balance together. The respect for the past and bright new ideas for anything new and innovating. In every laboratory and scientific domain we use state of the art technology. All the above fully describe our perception about the best creative cultivation, winemaking process but also about the commercial profile of our labels in an attempt to achieve the recognition and the acceptance of the wine public, both consumers and experts.

The shape of the bottle, the wisdom of the ancestors about the earth and its treasure, the ecological sense as well as the traditional vinification techniques- when it is necessary to be preserved for an excellent result- picture the traditional aspect of Evampelos Ghi.

Integral logistical and digital equipment, winemaking methods that fit with the modern way of life and the modern gastronomy. The inspired and minimal logo of our brand consists the modern vogue of the Estate.

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