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The Vineyard

Evampelos Ghi, in Greek, literally means a beautiful and well shaped grapevine.

Just like the one that the unique Estate give to human.

Actually, is one of the very few occasions that we can talk about a national terroir. Here we can find all those features concerning the soil, the subsoil, the climate, the solstice, the aeolian identity and the rest of the flora, that compose along with the cultivated grape varieties an exceptional platform that results in international Great Wines.

The soil, is not only a steering agent of raw material. On the contrary, it is determinant of a really great wine.

The Estate is situated at Gerakli, Domokos Fthiotida, at 400 meters altitude with 8% inclination and NW orientation. Covers an area of 22 hectares, in which are carefully planted Greek and french grape varieties.

The soil composition is sandy- clay, rich in organic substances with a significant percentage of gravels- that results in a very good drainage during the early rainfalls of August and September- assuring this way the excellent maturation, rich organoleptic features and expressiveness.

In extended areas, calcium can be found in a depth of over 60 cm. The calcium adds to grape minerality and pulse.

A very important climatic feature of the area is the beneficial rainfalls during the winter and the spring, while the warm summer with the dry and cool nights result in temperature variations up to 15°C, that ensure the rich fragrance, the phenolic maturity and the intense flavor of the wine.

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