The rewarding of all the efforts of the four friends and their partners comes with the distinction of the company and its wines at national and pan-European level. Acceptance of their wine-making process includes the awarding of “Evampelos Ghi – Domokos Wines S.A.” among the best, the recognition of the company as a whole and a large number of important prizes of all the wines produced and sold by Domokos Wines S.A. – Evampelos Ghi.

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 YearExhibition - Event  AwardWine's NameHarvest's Year
2018Thessaloniki International Wine and Spirits CompetitionBronze MedalEvampelos Ghi Sauvignon Blanc2017
2016TexSomBronze MedalFiloktitis Roze2016
2009OINOTHIKISilver MedalEvampelos Ghi Cabernet S.& Syrah
2007Wein-Plus.comExcellent RatingEvampelos Ghi Sauvignon Blanc2006
2007Wein-Plus.comExcellent RatingFiloktitis White2006
2007ProweinSilver MedalEvampelos Ghi Sauvignon Blanc2006
2006Commercial and technical Exhibition of Karditsa Great Honorable Distinction(for the whole business)
2003Thessaloniki International Wine CompetitionSilver MedalFiloktitis Red2000