Domokos Wines S.A.

Our Story

Four Friends, restless scientists and creative professionals, bonded not only by the place they grew up but  by their vision and love for the good wine, they combined their skills and their goals in order to create a collection of great wines that will promote their region and their love for wines. So in 2000 the Evampelos Ghi  Estate was founded. The Estate’s name was not selected randomly, in Greek means the prosperous vineyard and it was used as tribute to the exceptional microclimate of the Gerakli plateau where the vineyard is situated.

Our Land

The Estate is situated in Gerakli, Domokos – Fthiotida in an altitude of 400 meters with 8% inclination, northwest orientation and it consists of 22 hectares where Greek and French grape varieties are planted. Gerakli is the smallest village in Domokos area and it has taken its name from the Hawks that were finding shelter the past decades in that area. In Greek the Hawk is called Geraki therefore the name of the village became Gerakli.