The Evampelos Ghi Estate – The Vineyard

The word Evampelos Ghi  in Greek is used in order to characterize a beautiful and prosperous vineyard, a name that in our case wasn’t selected euphemistically, the soil composition is sandy-clay, rich in organic substances with a significant percentage of gravels- that results in a very good drainage during the early rainfalls of August and September- assuring in this way the excellent maturation, the rich organoleptic features and  the expressiveness of the wine. In large part of the soil, calcium can be found in a depth of over 60 cm. The calcium adds to the grape minerality and pulse.

A very important climatic feature of the area is the beneficial rainfalls during the winter and the spring, while the warm summer with the dry and cool nights result in temperature variations up to 15°C.

As a result the plants work feverishly, the sap circulates through the plant ensuring that way the rich fragrance, the phenolic maturity and the intense flavour of the wine.

In this natural environment with the character and qualities described above the human intervention came into support, gentle but persistent, with care, love and knowledge in order to add and enhance the vigor of the natural environment. All the above reasons have made a lot of people to talk about a National Terroir that is really rare to find in areas out of the Gerakli slopes.

The Winery

Integral logistical and digital equipment, winemaking methods that fit with the modern way of life and the modern gastronomy. The inspired and minimal logo of our brand consists the modern vogue of the Estate.

The Winery is located in the highest area of the estate not only assuring a great view to the whole vineyard but also providing the much needed proximity for the transportation of the grapes during the harvest.

Its capacity today is over 230.000 liters in stainless steel tanks and its able to host over 25.000 liters in oak barrels for more than 24 months.

The bottling line of the Evampelos Ghi Estate is capable for 200.000 bottles annually while the whole production process is certified according to the BS EN ISO 22000:2005 standards.


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