Geraklis Voreas Assyrtiko

Geraklis Voreas Line

Geraklis Voreas line consists of wines created from selected vineyards of our Gerakli estate, of an exclusively northern orientation. The line bears as its trademark a stylized version of Voreas, the North Wind God. It derives its name from the location Gerakli, Fthiotida, where the vineyards of Evampelos Ghi winery are located, and “Voreas”, the northern wind, which was worshipped as God in ancient Greece.

Geraklis Voreas series, thanks to the beneficial for the vineyard mezzo-climate created by the Northern wind, confirms the Evampelos Ghi΄s winery special terroir and its 20-year presence and experience in the wine making process.

The cold winds that descend from Mt. Othrys (the mountain of the Titans), along with the northern winds that invade from Thessaly, contribute to the creation of a unique, varietal Assyrtiko and a special Grenache Rouge which combine power with finesse.

Geraklis Voreas White | White Dry Wine, PGI – Fthiotida | Limited bottle production

A complex wine with intense fruity and sweet aromatic character. The minerality created in the palate offers a unique finesse. Crispy acidity, ripe finish, long-lasting aftertaste and ageing potential for at least 5 years.

Combined with: seafood, white meat

VARIETY: Assyrtiko 100% SOIL: Clay ALTITUDE: 400 meters
ORIENTATION: N YIELD PER HECTARE: 30hl/ha MATURATION: 12 months in French and American oak barrels / 12 months in the bottle

Gerakli, Domokos, Fthiotida, Central Greece


Two selected vineyards with a northern orientation from the privately owned 0.4 hectares vineyard on the Gerakli slopes, at an altitude of 400 meters, with an 8% inclination. In the basin of the area where the vineyard is located, in large parts of the soil, in a less than 60 cm depth, large calcium quantities can be found that give Assyrtiko wines a special character. 4 hectares. Planting year: 1997.


Clay soil, rich in organic matter, with great ability to retain moisture.


Winter and spring with heavy rainfall. Hot and dry summer days with cool summer evenings (temperature difference up to 15°C). This contributes to the excellent phenolic maturity of the grapes.




Grape hand picking, pre-fermentation extraction (skin contact) at 10-12 °C (for approximately 6 hours), low grape must pressure, must cryoextraction (12-15°C) for 12 hours. Alcoholic fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks at controlled conditions.


12 months in French and American oak barrels, followed by ageing in the bottle for another 12 months.


2021: Gold Medal – Berliner Wine Trophy (Geraklis Voreas White 2018)

2021: Gold Medal – Berliner Wine Trophy (Geraklis Voreas White 2019)

2021: Bronze Medal – International Wine & Spirits Competition of Thessaloniki (Geraklis Voreas White 2019)

2022: Bronze Medal – International Wine & Spirits Competition of Thessaloniki (Geraklis Voreas White 2020)